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Are you looking for an affordable Dorking Dentist with a friendly and relaxed approach?

If so we are the Dorking Dental Practice for you. We provide dental care in a relaxing environment. All our dentists and support staff are considerate and do everything they can to cater for your individual needs.

We build our practice around our mission of providing complete dental services to families at affordable prices in a friendly caring environment.

When you come to us for treatment we want to make the experience as comfortable and relaxing for you as possible.

Dental Services We Provide at Our Dental Centre Near Dorking

Dental Implants

Implants are a durable type of treatment which will gives your teeth great aesthetics and provide excellent functionality.

An implant is a “root device” made from titanium. They are used to replace missing teeth. Implant are used to provide support for the restorations which are created to replace any missing teeth you have. They are secured into the jaw bone underneath the gum.

For the very best fit and perfect aesthetics we use a state of the are CadCam System with the Noble Procera Forte Scanner for scanning implant abutments and all ceramic crowns and bridges.

And so, we have complete control over the whole process and can give you the very best turnaround time all our implants are created at our dental centre from start to finish.

Teeth Whitening

Having whiter teeth can make a huge difference to your life. You will look better to others and feel more confident in yourself.

You can select a long-term treatment plan to whiten your teeth or try our revolutionary tooth whitening system.

If you are looking for teeth whitening in Dorking we can help you.

Regular Check-Ups

The NHS provide dental guidelines which recommend you have a dental check-up every 6 months.

But some people don’t need to go for a check-up so often whereas others need more regular check-ups.

We treat every patient on an individual basis. Our dentist will make a recommendation for your specific situation based on your oral health.

This time our dentists recommend for your next check-up could be as short as three months all the way up to two years.

The benefit of a check-up is that it allows the early identification of any dental problems you. This keeps your mouth healthy and prevents treatable problems from developing into more difficult ones.

The 8 Steps of our Dental Check-Ups

1) A check of the overall state of your teeth.

2 A check of the overall state of your gums.

3)A check of the overall state of your mouth.

4)A check of the overall state of your tongue.

5) A check for gum disease.


Sometimes it is unavoidable for dentists to advise anything but the removal of a tooth. This could be down to a seriously decayed tooth or crowding in the growth area of a tooth.

When an extraction is needed, we will make it as comfortable for you as possible and do everything we can to keep you relaxed throughout the treatment. Typically, a tooth can be extracted with minutes of the patient receiving a local anaesthetic.

After an extraction, it is recommended you are very careful about what food you eat for at least 6 hours. And too avoid hot or cold drinks until the area of the extraction has healed.  You should be able to eat and drink as normal within a few days.

Dental Fillings

Filling are a commonly used treatment.

They typically consist of dental amalgam. This is a metallic compound which contains mercury. Fillings of this nature have a metallic look and can give a grey tinge to the tooth which is filled.

If you don’t like the aesthetics of a metallic filling there is another option.

Tooth coloured fillings.

These are fillings which can closely match the colour of the tooth which needs to be filled.

If the aesthetics of your teeth are important to you this could be exactly the type of filling you are looking for.

The introduction of tooth colour fillings allows dentists to closely match the colour of a filling to the rest of the unfilled tooth. This is done by using a palette of subtle tooth shades to recreate the natural colour variations of your tooth which requires the filling.

The result is a filling which perfectly blends in with the unfilled tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

This treatment involves a dentist removing the inflamed, infected or dead nerve from inside your tooth.

Then giving the area a careful cleaning before inserting a root filling material into the root where the nerve was. This stops the tooth rot from being exposed. And provides protection to the jaw from any possible infection spreading from the tooth.

Crowns and Bridges

We offer range of crowns from a variety of materials including gold, porcelain and ceramic.

A crown is a type of dental restoration which strengthens and tooth which has become weak though either decay or an injury.

Crowns are most commonly used when a cavity has become too large to fill with a filling or when there has been a root canal treatment.

On some occasions a crown is used to secure a dental bridge which helps to secure a denture.